Clean water is an important part of a healthy home environment. Clean water is essential to you and your family’s health. Water cleans our homes and our clothes, washes our bodies, and sustains our ...

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Real customers. Real opinions. Straight from their mouth. See what our most recent customers in East Tennessee had to say about Tennessee Water Technology and their new Hague units.

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Air. We can’t live without it. Lots of clean, fresh air, full of life-giving oxygen. Yet today our homes are built to keep fresh air out. While we’ve cut our heating and air conditioning costs ...

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Tennessee Water Technology's COVID-19 Preparedness Offer

As the Coronavirus has made quite a presence, we all would feel healthier drinking the best water and breathing quality air in our homes as we practice social distancing. Here at Tennessee Water Technology we would like to help you obtain the means for a healthier lifestyle as we have provided to our East Tennessee customers for over 40 years.

We would like to offer all new customers a $1,000 Hague Rebate which you may use towards the purchase of our Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages or you may choose to receive your rebate check after purchase. Contact us at (865) 970-2871 for your free water test and to discuss with one of our qualified water technicians, the Hague systems that will best suit your family.

Water - The Universal Solvent

Water is the universal solvent. This means it absorbs a little of almost everything it makes contact with. Unfortunately, this results in several issues that can be detrimental to your home and your health.

Steve Madden Writes a Comprehensive Letter About TWT

Tennessee Water Technology is committed to fully satisfying their customers. After a customer has invested in a new Hague Water Treatment system and TWT has installed it, we visit the customer at their home a couple weeks later. We do this to be sure their new water treatment system is […]

Have You Been Lied To About Fluoride?

Fluoride… It’s in everything these days. Your toothpaste, some gum, even your water. Not sure if fluoride is in your water? The answer is likely yes. Read about what some experts have to say about fluoride and why it may not be safe at The Truth About Cancer. Whether fluoride […]

Don’t ask ’cause they won’t tell

Water officials think it’s better not to tell you what is in your water because you wouldn’t understand it anyway. From the article: In Philadelphia, the water department has not informed its 1.5 million users that traces of 56 pharmaceuticals or their byproducts — like the active ingredients in drugs […]

Learn more about your water

Below are a few links to sites where you can learn more about your water, its quality and some of the laws governing its treatment. We’ll add to this list over time and hope it serves as a valuable resource for you. Please let us know if you find anything […]

Drugs now in your drinking water

A startling investigation by AP has found traces of medications in water supplies of 41 million Americans. Regarding city water: Key findings Here are some of the key test results obtained by the AP: Officials in Philadelphia said testing there discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or byproducts in treated drinking water, including […]

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