Residential Water Purification

Maytag AP Series Carbon Prefilter

Your Maytag® Water Treatment System gets an extra boost of power with the addition of a prefilter, which provides an extra layer of filtration for your household water. A carbon prefilter provides reduction of chlorine, taste and odor from the water, improving the quality of water throughout the whole house. 

The primary function of a carbon filter is the chemical adsorption of contaminates and impurities. It removes the chemicals before they can be ingested, breathed in, or absorbed by the skin during washing or bathing. Carbon Filters are best at removing chlorine, tastes, odor, and various other organic compounds from water, leaving your water taste and odor free.


When you have a Maytag® water system in your home, there’s a little something extra inside: hardworking, American dependability. Dependability means protecting your family from the adverse effects of untreated water. All day. Every day. So take a shower, wash your clothes and drink your water without a care. Your Maytag® water treatment system has it all under control. Because a water treatment system that’s designed, engineered and assembled in America has a certain standard to live up to you. One that lets you proudly wear the name Maytag.

Product Features

Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

IAPMO Certified: Yes